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How was it working with All Awear?

Motivating, creative, FUN!

All Awear is a non-profit committed to creating a community of fashionable, aspiringly aware women, aims to educate people who are seeking to know more about ethical and sustainable fashion. Believes that fashion can and should be a force for good and is committed to identifying, partnering with, and featuring socially conscious brands and calls on women (and men) to join our community in using their buying power for good without ever sacrificing style.

The founder of All Awear, April Auger came to us 15 weeks ago with a goal of increasing her brand awareness as well as targeting to educate mid 20’s to early 30-year-olds about ethical and sustainable fashion. At first, I found the task to be daunting. Realistically speaking, what mid 20’s to early 30-year-olds would be able to AFFORD ethical and sustainable fashion! All the websites and shops I’ve come across online and in person were always way out of my budget.

However, April, helped us see another side of ethical and sustainable fashion. Not every article of clothing HAS TO be Fair Trade/Ethical (but yes we should aim to be more responsible as consumers). The first step to being sustainable fashionable is to look into your closets first! Look where you can reuse and upcycle, and moving forward be informed and think long-term when purchasing new articles of clothing. Find pieces to invest in and find pieces that are timeless. Don’t give into fast fashion. April recommended that we watch True Cost. A documentary on Netflix that documents what the true cost of our clothes are, as people die in dangerous working conditions, are forced to work for low wages to keep up with the margins decreasing. Watch the Documentary!

This semester was tough, as it was my last semester but working with April was such a pleasure and always something I looked forward to. As I researched further into ethical and sustainable fashion the more I appreciated what April does in her day-to-day.

During our client meetings, April has been super receptive and open to our ideas during the campaign, and has been wonderful to work with! I believe because she has a background in PR it was a lot easier discussing social media tactics and strategies. She does an excellent job with her social media posting and her blogging. Have you seen her latest blog post? It’s THE perfect way to introduce ethical and sustainable fashion to your significant other/family, this holiday season. Click this link to see Ethical Gift Guides





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